New Adventure Map

• Visit the secret island of the Exploration Society on Research Island in Chapter 12!

New Event Maps

• 05/01 - 05/06 Windmill Festival: Visit Windmill Village: a place of extraordinary harmony with nature, and help save the Wind Spirits!
• 05/07 - 05/11 Eastern Bamboo Jungle: Master the way of the Panda, and protect the village with panda Kung Fu!
• 05/12 - 05/17 Sweet Dreams: Join Felicia to explore this dessert lover's paradise! Sweet treats and rewards await!

Hot Events

• 05/08 - 05/17 Dessert Party: New collection in Master Designer: Wedding Season! Get your sweet tooth ready!
• 05/12 - 05/17 Garden Art Festival: Try your best to clear the way to the grand prize!
• Fortune Roulette: Collect dice in the event map and roll your way to luxurious rewards!
• Home Construction: Plan smart, farm hard! Now the Gem consumption will also be included in your Home Construction points.

New Golden Pass Season

• Golden Pass in May: Upgrade your wardrobe with this super cute panda outfit, only in Golden Pass in May!

New Features

• Limited-time boosts: Mysterious Energy and Decoration Coins boosts drop regularly! Make sure to check your game often!
• Advanced event map bombs: Blow away huge obstacles at once for maximum efficiency with the new Gem event map bombs!