Join us this April for an egg-citing Easter as well as the 2nd-anniversary celebration on Flower Farm!

🗺️New Adventure Maps

• Start your new adventure as a member of the Exploration Society in The Garden of Hope and Research Island!

🏕️New Event Maps

• 04/01 - 04/05 Riddle of the Sphinx: Explore a mystical island and find the ancient treasure, following the guidance of a dream!
• 04/06 - 04/10 Bunny Post: Protect the Easter surprises from the troublemaker in the Bunny Post Office!
• 04/14 - 04/20 Anniversary Park: Join Felicia in celebrating the 2nd anniversary of Family Farm Adventure!
• 04/26 - 04/30 Canal Festival of Light: Help Gino complete his final masterpiece!

🔥Hot Events

• 04/06 - 04/20 Anniversary Celebration: Complete tasks, and get ready for the final prize and the grand celebration!
• Memory Album Season 2: What did little Felicia come across during her first ever adventure? New fun and new rewards await!
• 04/16 - 04/25 New limited-time collection in Master Designer: Get hoppin' this Easter with the new Easter-themed collection to decorate!

🆕New Features & Improvements

• New levels, buildings and products on Flower Farm: They're finally here - the new levels we've been waiting for! The level cap has been raised from 50 to 100 in this update, and that means brand-new factories, products and exploration point rewards! More exciting new stuff will be added in future updates, so get ready and stay tuned for even more fun!

• Animal Companions reworked: Have a favorite Animal Companion that doesn't quite pack the punch you need? Well, worry no more because in this update, every furry friend will have a skill adjustment that gives you an extensive variety of rewards while spending Energy! Are you ready to explore what your animal friends can do now? (For specific skill values, please refer to the actual gameplay.)

• Surprise gifts in event maps: Shh! Energy Droplettes are hiding here! Find these shy but friendly creatures in the new event maps, and they will offer you a BIG Energy gift! Don't forget to share your surprise encounters on our Facebook page - we can't wait to see who finds them first!

• Stray Cat Rescue ad rewards: Look at this chubby boy! The stray kitty's been eating well at your dock and will offer more Energy rewards and even Gold Tools now!

🎁New Packs

• Adventure Passport for Chapter 11
• Golden Pass: Anniversary Season

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