Due to local regulatory issues, Century Games is unable to continue operating our beloved game: Family Farm Adventure in Vietnam. This means from Jan 1st, 2023, Family Farm Adventure will be removed from the Vietnamese Google Play and App Store.

Family Farm Adventure can still be played in all our supported areas, and all players outside Vietnam will not be affected.

We understand this is disappointing for our dedicated players in Vietnam. We apologize and look forward to the chance to meet our Vietnamese Players again.

FFA Team

Frequently asked questions:

Q: As a player in Vietnam, what does this mean to me?
A: This means that you will be unable to find or download Family Farm Adventure from Jan 1st, 2023 if the location of your Google Play/App Store account is Vietnam.

Q: Will it become available again at a later date?
A: We cannot confirm if our game will be available to Vietnam players in the future.

Q: Someone/some website claims they can still offer me access to this game in Vietnam, can I trust them?
A: We strongly suggest that you do not download our game from third party platforms other than Google Play and App Store, which puts your personal information and property security at risk.