How do I invite others to play Family Farm Adventure?
- Tap on the green triangle icon on the upper-right corner of your main screen to expand the menu.
- Tap on the invitation button, to the right of the bulletin board icon.
- Share your exclusive invitation link with your friends via your Facebook page by tapping on the INVITE button on the Play with Friends panel.

How do my friends accept my invitation?
• Your friends only need to tap on the invitation link you share on Facebook and start the game to become your invitee.
• Before your friends use your invitation link, make sure they have the game downloaded and their game level is below level 8.

What can I get by inviting others?
• After your invitee reaches level 8, you'll get a reward of 150 Energy instantly!
• The more people you successfully invite, the better rewards you'll get! You can invite up to 11 new players and earn up to 1350 Energy.

What else do I need to know?
• You need to reach level 12 to invite new players. The same player can only be invited once. Invitees, after reaching level 12, can invite the other new players below level 8 and get the rewards mentioned above for themselves.
• It is highly recommended that your friends tap your link from the Facebook app. Tapping the link from a web browser can cause the invitation to be unsuccessful.
• Currently, you are not able to add your invitee as your friend in the game, but our dev team is working hard to fix this! In the future, you may become farm neighbors in the game!