If you log into the game and are placed in the wrong level/lost progress, please confirm the following information:

1. Are you playing the game on 2 different devices? If yes, please save the game progress on the other device by connecting it to your social account, and then log in to the current device with this account to sync the progress.

2. If you haven't changed the device, have you made sure your social account is synced on the device recently? If not, your social account may have been synced to a lower-level account, so the progress of the lower-level account has been loaded on your device.
In this case, you should contact our customer service team and provide them with the following information:
1) The email address of your social account.
2) The old account ID (if you remember) and the new account ID.
3) Tell customer service that you want to remove the synced social account.

Our customer service will inform you when the process is done. Then, you will need to go to the Store to re-download the game and re-sync your social account.