Energy is necessary to clear obstacles on the map. You start the game with a max Energy of 40, and the current highest limit is 60, which can be reached at level 21. You can purchase the Golden Pass to increase the Energy Storage limit to 75. Your Energy Bar will be filled up every time you level up.

Family Farm Adventure is a free-to-play game. Purchasing Energy in the game can help speed up your progress but is not mandatory to participate in any of the content. If you need more Energy, here are tips on how you can get some in the game without spending Gems or real money:
- Level up.
- Complete quests.
- Exchange goods with the Trader on the map.
- Turn the fruits and candies you find while exploring into Energy at the Juice Bar/Cauldron.
- Turn the Candy Beans dropped from golden animal trophies into Energy at the Juice Bar/Cauldron.
- Complete the orders on the Order Board, and get Energy rewards in the stage rewards chests.
- Collect Energy from the Energy chests hidden on the map.
- Complete the mini-games in the Mini-game Truck.
- Take part in the regular in-game events like Seaside Surf Race, and win Energy rewards!
- Complete various tasks in Golden Pass, and collect Energy and many other exclusive rewards.
- Connect your game to your FB account, and share your Adventure Diary and Fitting Room posts with your friends!
- Watch ads that pop up randomly on the left side of the screen.
- ...

We are also planning on offering new ways of getting Energy. So keep an eye out for updates!