The Sunfire Castle is the most important building of a server. Only the best team can be the winner.

-2 hours before the Protection Shield of the Sunfire Castle expires, there will be a storm in the Alert Zone (red zone). If you have been teleported to the Alert Zone at that time, your City will automatically be teleported randomly by the storm.

-When the storm stops, you can teleport to the Alert Zone.

The first Alliance that occupies the Sunfire Castle for 4 hours will be the winner of the Castle Battle. If no winner emerges after 8 hours, the Alliance that occupies the Sunfire Castle for the longest time will be the winner.

This is the area surrounding the Sunfire Castle. When Troops pass by the Relic, the Marching Speed will reduce significantly.

The turret helps the attackers to deal damage to the team that occupies the Sunfire Castle. If a team occupies the Sunfire Castle and turret at the same time, the turret will not deal damage to the team.The longer the turret is occupied, the shorter the intervals between attacks.

After occupying the Sunfire Castle, the Alliance Leader may select an Alliance member to become the President. (The Alliance Leader has 2 hours after occupation to decide. After the time has elapsed, the Alliance Leader will become the President by default.) The President may assign posts and grant stat bonuses using President Skills to the players on the server.