Buildings in different cities may vary. Common buildings that may appear are as follows:

Survivors can produce new tools, clothes, materials, etc. in the Workshop.

Coal Mine
Survivors can gather Coal in the Coal Mine.

Collection Station
Survivors can gather Scrap Iron in the Collection Station.

In the Dorm, Survivors can reset and recharge for the following day.

Survivors can make Iron Blocks, Copper Wire, Nails, etc. in the Foundry. The products of different Foundries may vary.

Sick Survivors can heal in the Hospital.

Hunter Cabin
Survivors can produce hunting tools in the Hunter Cabin.

Survivors can cook food and eat in the Kitchen.

The Furnace is located at the center of a city and is essential for keeping everyone warm against the bitter cold.

Survivors can gather Wood required to fuel the Furnace in the Sawmill.

Iron Mine
Survivors can gather Iron used to produce Iron Blocks in the Iron Mine.

Machinery Factory
Survivors can produce Steam Engine/Generator in the Machinery Factory.

Copper Mine
Survivors can gather Copper in the Copper Mine.

Industrial GreenHouse
Survivors can gather Cotton in the Industrial Greenhouse.

Survivors can harvest potatoes in the Greenhouse and provide them to the Kitchen.