Who are the heroes
Heroes are Survivors who were born for battle. Each hero has a unique set of skills that they may use during combat. Understand each hero's skill set and utilize it to your advantage to form the strongest team possible! In addition to their outstanding combat ability, heroes are particularly helpful for exploring and collecting rare resources. For details, please refer to the Adventure FAQ.

How to upgrade or add stars to heroes
Heroes can be upgraded using Wishing Stars until they reach their level cap, which can be raised by adding stars to the heroes. You can add stars to heroes using identical hero cards. The precise requirements may vary for different heroes.

Where can I find my heroes?
Heroes unlock once you reach Valley Town. To view your owned heroes, tap the "CARD" button in the lower right corner of the home screen.

Why do I need heroes?
You need the assistance of heroes to collect Wishing Stars and Blazing Stars, the two rare resources to improve your buildings' production and city administration. Once you reach Plain City, heroes will be assigned to different buildings to speed up the development of your city. 

How to get more heroes
You can get heroes via the Shop or the various Tasks.