To take a screenshot, please follow the instructions below.

Log into your game and navigate to the part of the game you want to take a screenshot of.

Press the PrtScn button on the top right of your keyboard. Nothing will appear to happen but don't worry, the computer has taken a picture of your screen.

Now load up the program called Paint. On pre Windows 8 computers, you can access this by going to the bottom left of your screen to the start menu. Find and open the program called Paint and once Paint has loaded, press Ctrl + V to paste the picture that you have taken into Paint. 

Go to the File menu at the the top left of the screen and click "Save as", select the option to save the picture as a .JPG file on your desktop, give it a name and then you can send it to us by clicking the bottom right icon in the conversation window as an attachment.

Note: If you can't find the PrtScn button, please take a photo using your phone and send it to us.