Spread the love, Adventurers! For the season of romance is here! ❤

New Adventure Maps

• 02/01 Save the little beavers from a poisoned spring in Tri-Peak Springs!
• 02/15 Wanna know how to train your dragon? Come to Dragonfire Forest!

New Event Maps

• 02/03 - 02/12 The Legend of True Love’s Rose: A talking lion that looks like...Felicia?! What should Toby do?
• 02/21 - 02/27 Butterfly Town: Love is like a butterfly: It goes where it pleases and it pleases wherever it goes. Is this the secret of Butterfly Town?

Other Event Maps
• 02/10 Memory Lane: Aphrodite's Garden
• 02/16 - 02/20 Carnival Concert (Re-run)

Hot Events

• 02/06 - 02/15 Valentine's Day Lucky Box: All dressed up for Valentine's Day! Collect Lucky Coupons for fabulous designs!
• Treasure on the Beanstalk: Keep climbing and collect Gold Beans by completing quests in Adventure Maps or Gold Expedition maps! Don't forget to pick up your rewards along the way!
• Adventure Path: Consume Energy and aim for the GRAND PRIZE!

Other Events

• 02/24 - 02/26 Home Construction
• 02/27 - 03/02 Toy Store
• Gold Expedition: Explore the new Desert themed maps with new treasures! (Available after completing the last current Adventure Map)

New Features

• Gift Box improvement: Tired of a stuffed Gift Box? Use this new Quick Storage button to take out all decorations in your Gift Box with a single tap! Find and arrange them freely in the Decorations tab of the Market!
• New Gold Tools: New Gold Tools available on Flower Farm: Gold Scissors and Gold Shovel! Open treasure chests using Gold Tools and find great rewards!
• New designs in Outfit Design Shop: Best costumes for the Carnival Concert, only available on Flower Farm!
• Bug fixes and other in-game improvements.

Can you feel the love in the air? Be ready to join the sweet journeys with Felicia in February!