Hi Adventurers, let's give a big hug for the New Year on Flower Farm!

New Adventure Maps

• 01/01 It's time to claim the treasures in the Classical Garden!
• 01/16 A new chapter of adventures await in the Frozen Temple!

New Event Maps

• 01/02 - 01/08 Mayan Relics: A Mayan city has been found in Central America!... There's just no reason for Felicia and Toby not to go!
• 01/20 - 01/29 In Search of a Legend: What happened to the exploration team and the legendary scientist who went lost several years ago? You'll be the one to find out!
• 01/10 - 01/18 Grizzly Forest Park (Re-run): Come and play with the adorable bear cubs!

New Events

• Memory Album Season 1: Toby's First Visit: What is Toby's first visit to Flower Farm like? Collect puzzle pieces to complete the story, and claim amazing milestone rewards!

Other Events

• Gingerbread Tea Break
• Toy Store
• Checkmate match
• Home Construction

New Features

• New in-game mailbox: Your mailbox gets a fresh coat of paint!
• New designs in Outfit Design Shop: Keep warm & stylish! New winter wear designs arrive!

New Packs

• Golden Pass in January: Full of new costumes, Energy rewards, and special Perks!
• Adventure Passport for Chapter 10 is finally here! Don't miss out!

New year, new adventures! Get yourself ready!