New Adventure Map
• The adventure of Felicia and her parents enters a new chapter! Visit Exploration Society Headquarters in Chapter 10: Crystal Heart Curse, and meet President Jones! Wait...where is she?

New Event Maps
• 10/03 - 10/09 Beer Town: Let's brew the ultimate beer and win the big prize!
• 10/17 - 10/31 Hallowed Encounter: Travel through life and death, and help fulfill the last wish of Pumpkin, a little phantom cat.
• 10/26 Memory Lane - The Haunted Castle Party: The castle opens its gate once again! Come and have a scary and sweet candy-filled Halloween here!

Hot Halloween Events
• 10/08 - 10/16 Trick or Trade: Collect event Tokens for the exquisite Halloween exclusive decorations!
• 10/14 - 10/28 Lucky Box: Complete Special Orders to collect Lucky Coupons, and win all the Halloween fashion designs for the big party!

Other Events
• 10/14 - 10/16 Gold Expedition: Explore the new Ice Palace map with new treasures! (Available after completing Jungle Unknown in Chapter 8)
• 10/28 - 10/30 Home Construction: Consume Energy and complete orders to win Energy prizes!
• Golden Pass in October: Get into the spirit of Autumn in a new round of the Golden Pass event!

New Features & Adjustment
• New Building: Get Tailor Shop in the Market and start Halloween preparation by making your own cute outfits!
• Graphics Mode: Your game will now be assigned a recommended graphical quality level based on the device, which you can change anytime in Settings. Attention: Running your game at higher levels than the recommendation may cause issues such as lagging, freezes, or even crashes.
• The mini-games in House of Games will now rotate weekly. Don't waste your Hearts and go for Energy rewards!