1. Please check whether your device model and OS specs fit the minimum requirements.
(Android 6.0 and above. A minimum of 2GB free space of internal memory and 2GB RAM)
2. You may not have enough storage space on your device. Please try clearing your cache and closing your unused background apps.
3. You may have encountered a bug. Please report it to our Customer Support team with as many details as possible via any of the followings, and attach screenshots if there is any.
(1)Tap the icon 💬 on the top right to contact our support team.
(2)Send your feedback via our official Discord: https://discord.io/AwakenChaosEra
(3)Leave a message on Facebook fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/AwakenChaosEra

Your feedback is the key to how we focus our time optimizing the game. Thank you for your help and support! Looking forward to hearing from you soon!