If you have purchased gift packs or diamonds through Googleplay in previous CBT, please login to the game through your bound social account email.  The rebate code has been sent to the email. Please check.

Please Note:
1. If the account is not bound, the reward may not be sent normally. Please provide customer service with your purchase order to get your rebate code.
2. Each account can only get a rebate code once. If the rebate code is lost due to improper storage or misappropriation, we will not make it up.
3. If you bound two social accounts, you can log in using either account. The rebate code is the same and can only be used by one account once.
3. Please do not publish information related to your account number and purchase record in any public place. If there is any loss caused by this or if someone falsely claims the rebate code, we will not be responsible for it.
4. The rebate amount will be converted at a rate of $1=150 ACE Token. To show our appreciation for your contributions to helping us optimize the game during our closed beta test stage, you will receive an additional 50% on all purchases you made in ACE Tokens. Minus the refund amount, the rebate amount will be converted to USD according to the actual exchange rate on that day. Therefore, there is a difference between the actual payment and the rebate amount, please note in advance.
5. If you have purchased in multiple accounts during CBT, remember that each account only can use one rebate code. If you have any extra rebate codes, please log in to another account to redeem them.

After receiving the rebate code, you can redeem it.
To find the redeem entry, click the four-pointed star in the upper right corner > Settings > Account > Redempetion Code.
* Each rebate code can only be used once. Please do not publish your rebate code in any public place. We will not be responsible for any loss caused by this.
* Please do not trust any rebate codes obtained from unofficial sources. If there is any problem with this or if the rebate codes have been used, we will not be responsible for it. In serious cases, we will remove accounts that have caused disputes without warning.
* Rebate code is valid until June 30, 2022. Please use it within the validity period