The Arena is a feature available from Rank 11 where you can compete against other players and it can be found under Jailbreak on the main Fight screen. Each Arena season lasts for one month.

Arena Fight
You can fight in the Arena free of charge for the first five times, after that you can get an additional 5 challenges for 100 Diamonds.

Arena Points
You will get Arena points for every victory, and you will lose Arena points after every defeat. The higher your opponent is ranked, the more Arena points you will get from winning the fight. When you reach certain threshold points in the Arena, you will receive Arena rewards. You must enter the Arena once each new season in order to receive Arena points.

Fight Club
Fight Club is a feature where the top 64 players of last week's Arena fight it out to become the ultimate champion. You can find it in the Fight tab under the Arena.

How Fight Club works
- 64 top-ranked players by the time Arena is over at 24:00 on Sunday (UTC+0) receive invitations to join Fight Club for the following week. For 24 hours (until 23:59 on Monday (UTC+0)) they can choose the formations of their capo teams after which the formations are locked.
- Each player will be randomly matched to an opponent.
- Each player participates in one fight per day, starting from Tuesday 00:00 (UTC+0) and ending on Sunday 23:59 (UTC+0). The format of Fight Club is a last man standing competition, with losers eliminated directly and winners advancing to the next round.
- A die is rolled to determine the attacker and defender in the first fight. For the second and third fight, the attacker will be the one who lost in the previous fight.
- The top 32, top 16, top 8, top 4 and Champion of the Fight Club will be rewarded with a very rare portrait frame.
- Each player can place a bet on one matchup per day, and participants can only bet on themselves. The bet amount is equal to the value of 2 Hour Cigars. If the supported fighter wins, the payout is equal to the value of 4 Hour Cigars. The payout includes the original wager, plus the potential winnings. If the supported fighter loses, the original wager of 2 Hour Cigars will be lost.