Login Calendar

Login Calendar automatically appears at your first login of the day. It can also be reached via the Office tab > Calendar.

1. The Available Rewards counter indicates how many rewards you can collect. It will increase by 1 every day, even if you don't log in, up to a maximum of the number of the remaining rewards. When the counter is 0, you can't collect any rewards anymore.

2. Daily refresh time is 00:00 (UTC+0)

3. When all rewards have been collected, new rewards will become available the next day.

4. Some rewards will go to your Stash after collecting, others will be used directly.

5. The Total Login Days is your total number of login days. It only counts the days you have actually logged in. The Total Login Days will not be reset if you miss a day of login.

Event Calendar

When opened from the Office tab > Calendar, the Calendar has a second tab: Event Calendar. Here you can check all upcoming events and the exact time left until they begin.