Gear and Omerta Stones unlock at Rank 15 and can be acquired through the following ways:
- By completing missions in Unfinished Business (UB)
- From Gang Shop

The higher the UB stage, the better Gear you can receive and the more Omerta Stones. Currently, there are 4 types of Gear in the game: weapons, armor, rings and necklaces. When equipped, these will increase the capo’s power. Note that 2 star Gear (and better) will have a unique additional effect (e.g. automation level reduction or special skills) as shown in the pictures below.

Gear rarity
Gear comes in 5 different rarity levels: common, good, rare, epic and legendary. The higher the rarity level, the more powerful the gear is and the higher the maximum level it can reach.

Upgrading Gear
Gear can be upgraded by using Omerta Stones. The higher the level of the Gear, the more Omerta Stones it costs to upgrade. Upgrading Gear will improve its attributes, but it won’t change the skill(s) on the Gear.

Resetting Gear
Gear that has been upgraded can be reset back to level 1. To reset Gear, go to the Office -> Stash -> select the Gear you want to reset and click the Reset button. Don’t worry, after resetting the Gear all the Omerta Stones that have been used for upgrading this piece of Gear will be fully returned.

Selling Gear
Gear can be sold in two ways:
1. Go to Office -> Stash -> click Sell Gear -> pick the Gear you want to sell.
2. Go to Office -> Stash -> click on a piece of Gear and click Sell (only level 1 Gear can be sold using this method).